Only the beginning.

How we do it

Organically growing Haiti's future through farm-funded education.

A million seeds. One vision.

Every day we begin our hard work with a simple reminder – we’re here to build Ayiti to inspire.

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The goods that keep giving.

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Your purchase or donation allows us to educate youth, train future leaders, and plant seeds to inspire.

A model for sustainability.

Every organic purchase you make from Papa Rozier Farms directly funds resources and teachers so BATI School can continue to grow.

    Built to grow and make a lasting impact.

    BATI School is located on 50 acres in the mountains above the coastal town of St. Michel, Haiti. Our non-profit provides free, localized education, from K-12, for students normally hiking two hours a day.

    Papa Rozier Farms, our sister company, is an organic Haitian farm that continues to create full-time jobs, including our very own agronomist. Funding for BATI School comes from our caring for and selling some of Haiti's best natural resources at home and abroad.

    it all started with a call...

    In 2010, the Earthquake in Haiti called us to serve our brothers and sisters back home...


    The earthquake calls us home

    • We tried partnering with several NGOs, but we didn't agree with their approach

    We keep our promise to help

    • Grass roots fundraising begins in full force, including a "Sponsor a Tree" campaign, a Tough Mudder, and a Spartan Race
    • Our vision for a new Ayiti takes shape
    • Twelve months to secure the land

    Grassroots fundraising allows us to create campus and farm blueprint

    • 'Sponsor a Tree' Tough Mudder – Spartan Race fundraising
    • Develop campus and building layouts
    • Begin farming and plant first trees

    Construction begins, employees are hired, and "the pencil" is born

    • Campus is enclosed
    • Drilled 300 feet to build a water well with pump
    • Launched payroll for our first employees

    Implement sustainability model with community involvement and farm support

    • Papa Rozier Farms is born
    • Complete construction of first building
    • Irrigation system installed

    Strengthen community partnerships

    • Launch student assessment and search for faculty
    • Launch VolunTOURism experience
    • Continue building the Papa Rozier brand

    The home stretch

    • Recruit local talent for school leadership
    • Plan for school's grand opening
    • Papa Rozier Farms hits the US market

    get out. give back.


    Build, construct, assemble, and change the face of Haiti, all while having the time of your life.

    Meet the team.

    • Freddie
      Co-founder Operations
    • Rubens
      Co-founder Business Development
    • Claude
      Board Member Fundraising
    • T.J.
      Board Member Media + PR
    • Pierre
      Full-Time Head Agronomist